Welcome to our swimming school.


Our names are Saskia Custers and Nicole Warnier.After years of experience in teaching swimming lessons in various pools, we opened our own swimming school in 2004.
Our goal is to provide child-friendly, professional and personalized instruction to children from the age of 4 1/2 years for the requirements of the Dutch swimming ABC, as determined by the national Council’s Swimming Certification.
Lessons are semi-private with a maximum of two children per group.
All our teachers speak English and a little bit of French and German.


In our 10 years of experience, we can safely say that a 4,5 year old child needs approximately 40 lessons to be adequately prepared to acquire the A-diploma. For the B and C-diplomas, they generally require another 7 lessons, each an hour long.

In the semi-private lessons for the A-diploma there are only 2 children per teacher (each lesson is 25 minutes)

For B- and C-diplomas, children are in a group with a max. of 3 others (each lesson 50 minutes)

Each lesson for diploma A costs 17,75 euro.

You pay for a block of 6 our 7 lessons in advance.


The costs for one block ( 7 lessons) diploma B is 185,00 euro 

The costs for one block ( 7 lessons) diploma C is 185,00 euro

If you would like more information about our locations (Valkenburg,Houthem,Noorbeek and Eijsden), times and availability pleace send an e-mail to:

saskia@zwemschoolaquarijntje.nl  or


Zwemschool Aquarijntje

Opleiding voor het Nederlands zwem ABC
Maximaal 2 kinderen per groep